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Opal pergolas by byart

The wind-resistant structure of opal, used for shading, protects people from the sun and rain and makes outdoor spaces more pleasant. VertiGlass vertical automatic glass systems support the lateral regions of Opal, allowing the building to be used year-round. Opal is a cutting-edge material that doesn’t break the bank. Opal’s 450 cm width suits private homes or solutions with limited space.


Bronze pergolas by byart

The Bronze’s posting design allows installing VertiGlass vertical automatic glass solutions or heat-insulated fixed systems to seal off the open sides. This way, you can protect your living space from the elements and enjoy it longer than usual. With a projection of only 600 cm, it is ideally suited for use in homes and other small spaces.


Gold Pergolas by BYART USA

Gold can fold itself up neatly all by itself. Its rail system and folding design create a 900-square-centimeter space that can be used year-round. Due to its poled construction and extensive projection, Pergoline Gold can be used in inclement weather without needing a carrier.


Diamond Pergolas by BYART USA

The Diamond awning system from Pergola Systems is a high-end commercial option with a maximum projection of 1200 cm, making it ideal for expansive outdoor spaces. The revolutionary Diamond product functions without any Mextra posts or middle pillars. This provides much-needed shade for establishments like hotels and restaurants with extensive outdoor areas. No additional support is required for the product to withstand weights.

world of ruby

pergolas by byart


Ruby Pergolas by BYART USA

The exterior of your building will look beautiful with a Ruby awning. Its exceptional style and cutting-edge technology give any room a contemporary feel. Ruby’s flat design makes better use of available space and keeps things from getting too cramped. The added insulation from the side gutters is greatly appreciated.

Ruby plus

Ruby Pergolas by BYART USA

For its practical features and attractive design, Ruby Plus stands out. It’s a powerful PergoLine system and among the best of its kind. Ruby Plus’s unique aesthetic offers a fresh take on traditional awnings. The flat design provides benefits without limiting mobility. The side gutters’ high insulation value can also be attributed to their location.

The Sapphire's World

pergolas by byart


Sapphire Pergolas by BYART USA

The Sapphire system is a retractable pergola that is aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior, as it does not require any posts to maintain its vertical position. Sapphire’s automatic folding feature creates convenient and comfortable living quarters with minimal effort. Due to its small projection (up to 600 cm) can be installed in residential structures.

Sapphire Plus

Sapphire Plus Pergolas by BYART USA

Sapphire Plus can be folded down to a compact 600 cm oval, making it a versatile addition to any room. Sapphire Plus can function singly, tandemly, or tripartitally. It has the capability of providing the foundation for any answer.

Eco & Shell

Eco and Shell pergolas by byart

Eco Shell

Eco Shell Pergolas by BYART USA

Eco-Shell is of high quality and is very simple to operate. Its round shape adds a touch of style to any building in which it is installed. Regarding cost-effectiveness, nothing beats Eco-Shell for constructing expansive interiors. Its one-of-a-kind style makes a home more attractive and welcoming while also providing practical benefits.


Shell Pergolas by BYART USA

Awnings on Shell are of the highest quality and reflect the ship’s modern design. It comes in various configurations that vary in pole count, motor size, and control mechanisms. Its round shape fits right in with the surrounding buildings. It’s also a good choice for rooms with many open spaces. Shell is the most advanced pergola system for intimate settings, with a maximum projection of up to 900 cm. A permit for construction is unnecessary.

Shell plus

Shell plus Pergolas by BYART USA

The oval shape of Shell Plus can be extended up to a meter, providing ample room for offices of all sizes. It can withstand any climate and doesn’t require a secondary transport mechanism. The technology it relies on is the real deal behind how it can be used in a large area without a carrier. Folding, heat-insulated aluminum joints are appropriate for covering the side areas. Consider the blackout fabric if you want to keep the sun, rain, and wind out of your Pergola System. Also, it can withstand high temperatures without catching fire. For these practical reasons, company owners opted for it.

Eco & Pearl

Eco and Shell pergolas by byart

eco pearl

eco pearl Pergolas by BYART USA

Eco Pearl’s modern aesthetics, ground-breaking concept, and cutting-edge design will breathe new life into any room. By reducing the impact of inclement weather, Eco Pearl helps you build outdoor rooms that can be enjoyed for years. In terms of technical specifications, both private homes and confined spaces can be accommodated.


pearl Pergolas by BYART USA

Pearl makes a home suitable for every time of year. It can be set up in any location without any additional fixtures. The 900 cm diameter oval projection can be used for a wide variety of purposes and may be able to fulfill several requirements simultaneously.

pearl plus

pearl plus Pergolas by BYART USA

Pearl Plus excels at installing large-scale solutions for open-air Folding Rail Awnings, with a total projection of 1000 cm. It can support weight even in extreme climates without help from outside sources. The finished product has been measured statically. The versatile structure allows for a single, double, or triple configuration. The number of included motors is one or two, depending on the size you order. A control unit or a remote can be used to activate its engines.

Amethyst Parking System

Amethyst Park System


Amethyst Parking System

The design philosophy of Byart Group is “modern and functional.” To keep vehicles dry in stormy weather, the Amethyst Parking System was developed. The expertise and high standards of the Byart Group bear fruit in this user-friendly system. It makes the newest generation of parking systems more hospitable throughout the year. Under its 500 cm squishable roof, its single, double, and triple configurations offer protection from rain and wind.

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