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High Elliptical System

Elliptical Telescopic Pool Closure structures offer excellent solutions with different and innovative options. Being able to open all or part of it, different collection options, movable end panels and door options make the building easy to live in and indispensable. Elliptical telescopic structures move easily and can even be opened easily with the effort of a single person, of course, the role of the wonderful guide system should not be forgotten. Elliptical pool closure systems combine all the features of indoor and heated spaces in their movable structure. It combines the comfort of swimming indoors with the spaciousness of the open space.

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What about the weather conditions… who cares. No more watching the weather forecast!


Customize your pool and make it unique. Did you say color, what color do you want, we have no limit. Or is it a wood-patterned product… there is that too. What about endurance!! Our elliptical telescopic structures are maintenance-free, durable, long-lasting and very aesthetic.


Elliptical Telescopic Pool Closure structures are used around pools, they are all light-permeable, and are produced from glass or polycarbonate material. Pool closing systems , which move all parts one by one by passing into the others, are the structures you must have. Each part moves and opens and closes with its own movement system. Cemyapı has brought many features to these structures. The automatic motorized movement system, which provides movement with a remote control, provides great convenience. Thus, there is no need to push manually. It is equipped with a stop mechanism that will work in different scenarios to ensure safety. In any case, there is an automatic motion board to which various features can be added.


Moving pool closure systems offer significant advantages , especially for swimming pools.

It protects the pool water temperature environmentally and prevents the temperature from decreasing in sudden weather changes. The water of the pools protected by the pool closure system cools down much later than the pools that are open. This extends the comfort of your pool for at least 2 months, 1 month at the beginning of summer and 1 month at the end of summer. Another advantage is that it significantly reduces the use of extra chemicals caused by water evaporation. Thanks to the pool closing system , maintenance and cleaning times are dramatically reduced and are no longer a problem. Let’s not forget about security, thanks to its locked doors, unwanted entrances are prevented and children are prevented from reaching the swimming pool.


You can increase your protection period to 10 years by adding an extra package to the classic 2-year warranty system.


5 Angle Closing Systems

Movable pool closure structures consist of independent telescopic sections and move inside one another. Each section has its own set of wheels, which are connected to the walking cart and guide the opening and closing. Thanks to the semi-automatic drive system, it can be opened completely or in sections with button control. Carcass, hexagonal cross-section frames designed for this job are made of extruded aluminum. The condensate channels used in the frame design ensure that the accumulated water is discharged as a result of the condensation of the excess steam accumulated inside.
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Aluminum frames are packaged with top quality painting in a wide range of colors. Pvdf paint coating; It is the most durable coating form against weather conditions, color change and chemical effects. It complies with all TSE standards.

Covering material for 5-angle pool closure, side and top panels are made of solid polycarbonate or double-walled polycarbonate with a hollow inside. There is also a glass option on the side panels.

During opening and closing, the wheel groups of the telescopic sections move on rails parallel to each other. Rails are aluminum anodised. The surface on which the rails will be attached is smooth and they are made using scales. Pool Cover Rails are securely attached to the floor with stainless dowels. The automatic locking system is always on and your pool closure will be safe even if you forget it.

Automatic movement system, automatic drive system allows opening and closing with the touch of a button, it is silent, you do not hear it moving. This feature is unique, it does not require manual pushing. Several safety precautions have been taken to make automatic movement safe. The transmission elements that provide the movement are completely hidden, they are invisible, do not hang, do not enter, there is no possibility of accident. Movement is extremely slow: 6m/min.


The 5-angle pool closure system has some differences compared to the elliptical pool closure system. The most important difference is this: Tempered glasses or special double glazing are used in the part starting from the ground up to the first angle point or up to +2m elevation. For this reason, 5-angle pool closure provides a clearer field of view. This area is also easy to clean.


3 Angle Closing Systems

The carrier construction of the collapsible pool cover system is manufactured using special molds from high-strength aluminum alloy. So much so that ST52 has the same tensile and compressive strength as steel material. The wheels that provide the movement are double bearing, the wheel is made of polyamide-based material, it never wears out, does not make noise, does not deteriorate. Thanks to the materials and technological transport elements used, the indoor pool The maximum spans that the system can pass through are up to 35m. 

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Carrier profile, axis spacing is 120 cm in small systems and 210 cm in large and mega structures. However, the width of the 3-angle pool closure system is limited to 9m. When this width is exceeded, the 5 angle pool closure system is switched. There are three types of opening options as manual, motorized and smart controlled. With the smart drivers added to the motor, different options such as moving speed, stopping point, remote control can be added.


Telescopic Retractable Pool Closure System can be opened independently on both fixed or telescopic sides. This feature enables the pool cover structure to turn into a comfortable environment, ease of use and natural ventilation in the structure.


Is your pool located in a sheltered area or is it in an all-weather area?


Your answer to this question determines the pool closure system you should choose. If your pool is located in an open area or if it will be exposed to storms that may damage the structure, you have 2 options. Low pool closing systems or high pool closing systems running on rails securely attached to the ground. However, generally no rail is used in 3-angle systems or micro rails are placed. Since the micro rails are round, the feet are not placed.


In pool closure 3 angle systems, glasses are used on the side walls. The windows are very safe as they are unbreakable. Compared to polycarbonate material, it does not scratch over time, does not fog, even if it does, it is easy to clean and always stays new. If the dimensions of the 3-angle pool closure system, which is a new member of the pool closure technology, are suitable, we can say that it is just for you.

Indoor Pool Systems

It opens vertically, 4mm thick solid polycarbonate panels between each pair of carrier aluminum arches are slid under the polycarbonate sheet at the top and opens up to a height of 2m. This feature brings maximum comfort and ease of use to the pool closure system or indoor pool systems in all seasons. It is extremely easy to open, slides up, locks and attaches a safety lock to prevent it from falling down. The opened part is used both as a ventilation and a passage.
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Indoor pool systems can be opened telescopically, thanks to the telescopic sliding feature of all carrier aluminum elliptical arches or some of them section by section, and due to the fact that the collapsible system on the pool is connected to the floor with special anchored connection and rail elements, movement is provided to the desired side and there is no risk of flying even in the strongest storms. The calculated wind resistance is 128 km/h and has been tested many times in these weather conditions. Pool closure system is guaranteed for 2 years and polycarbonate sheet for 10 years.


In the telescopic pool closing system, the modules move by sliding on the rails mounted for their own movement. In movable modules, the carrier belts are mounted on another movable profile before the rail. There are wheels that provide movement on this profile. Wheel diameters vary according to profile thickness and rail width.


Indoor pool systems are nylon-based elements with SKF bearings whose wheels move on inox shafts. In this way, it does not make any noise during movement. Since the cross-section of the wheels is circular, the wheel walking does not contract with the displacement that the indoor pool systems will make in different thrust forces and openings in windy weather. Wind safeguards will be created between the movable profile and the ground. This element will prevent the walking car from rising upwards when the movable aluminum profile is pulled up from the rail, and it will also not allow it to make the walking motion without being disassembled.


There is an element that will end this movement at the maximum distance of the profile moving on the pool closing rails. In this way, by fixing the movable module at the ending walking point, the module’s wind, etc. Involuntary movements are prevented by the effects.


The distances between the nested modules have been adjusted while twisting the pool closure system. The distance between the modules is the same amount along the belt. Opening and closing of the system is considered manually or automatically.



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