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Elliptical System

The entire adjacent elliptical pool closure system and arches are made of high-strength aluminum material. System designs, usage and tests have been done. The wheels that provide the movement are polyamide and they never wear out. Elliptical pool closure  system widths are between 3m-10m. They are manufactured by calculating the distance between arches, profile sections and the number of head bars, according to local wind and snow loads. The top panels are made of hollow polycarbonate. The side pmma acrylic panels in the building that can be opened vertically can be opened throughout and at any time. This system makes the building extremely comfortable and provides natural ventilation throughout the year.

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Belts Stainless, all belts are made of high-strength aluminum and painted with electrostatic powder paint. Other parts and profiles at ground level are anodized in marine quality. Fasteners, screws, bolts, wheel axles are all stainless steel.

It does not require maintenance, All parts are made once and do not require any more maintenance. Cemyapı adjoining elliptical pool closure structures, aluminum joinery, sliding doors and polycarbonate coatings are manufactured in Istanbul using high quality materials.


The adjacent elliptical pool closure system usually leans against the building on its long side. Uninterrupted movement is ensured by connecting the specially designed rails, which are mounted from the upper level of the window, with a linear bearing walking kit. The universal walking mechanism works flawlessly and does not require maintenance. It works with the push of a person and opens and closes. The collapsible elliptical pool closure system is manually operated as well as motorized options. The engine power selected depending on the size of the structure ensures a quiet operation. Adjacent elliptical pool closure system It is ideally used in narrow spaces and where the pool is very close to the building. Direct access from the building to the pool is provided and a holistic space is obtained. In this way, while drinking coffee in the living room of the house, you can have a swimming pool in front of you, a garden with green grass and a sea view in a distant perspective.


Multi-Angle System

Cemyapı is Turkey’s pioneer and largest organization in the field of Movable Closing Structures. Thanks to 27 years of aluminum production knowledge and technological developments in pool closure structures, the company’s designers have launched the most beautiful and useful products. Lastly, we developed hexagonal cross-section structures; It has made incredible profits for pools and spas regardless of the weather. These technological structures, which can be easily closed as soon as the weather deteriorates and the wind blows, ensure that your enjoyment is continuous. In this case, what is the need for permanent and fixed structures, who would want to be stuck between four walls?
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We fixed the module width of each of our buildings as 220 cm. This means that no matter how many modules are nested


In the end, it will cover 220 cm area. We can specify the aluminum colors as any of the international RAL colors depending on your request. Our products are designed by our designers who are experts in aluminum technologies, meeting and exceeding worldwide engineering requirements. Application areas include winter gardens, movable structures, pool closing structures, movable roof lights.


One-Way Slant System

Glass and polycarbonate combined


All over the world, people spend long hours keeping their pools clean, getting their pool ready for use, or organizing their businesses. You can spend most of your time by swimming in the pool or having fun with Cemyapı space closure structures.

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Don’t spend the weekend cleaning. With its smart structures drawn by talented designers, Cemyapı is a manufacturer that uses all kinds of glass combinations and polycarbonate coating in its structures leaning against a one-way sloping wall.


If the glass breaks, we feel what you say. No, it’s definitely unbreakable. Because both sides of the glasses are securit double glazing units. Glasses are extremely safe and impact resistant.


Having introduced aluminum structures to the market for the first time with its 27 years of experience, Cemyapı has put into service comfortable, safe, sheltered spa and pool closure structures by using aluminum as a load-bearing structural element. With the application of countless glass combinations, the soft side of mother nature is allowed to enter. Cemyapı’s aluminum structures are not affected by bad weather conditions such as snow, rain and wind. Leaves and insects cannot get inside. By using anodised aluminum and stainless steel connections, all our structures are protected from high humidity, pool chemicals, etc. protect against the effects.


We have minimized the wearing effect of time, this is what makes the difference.


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