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Our uniquely designed telescopic structures create a comfortable space in all seasons by circulating fresh air throughout the entire structure.
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Ask those who have swimming pools, what do they like the most? Of course, they will say, “From the pool in our garden on a hot and sunny day”. But unfortunately, even on the summer days of your dreams, it is really difficult to bring these conditions together, it cannot go beyond a dream, and using your pool is just a word. Wouldn’t it be nice to always be able to use the pool in your garden? What would it be like to cover the pool and ignore the rain and wind when the weather conditions are bad and the sun disappears behind the clouds?


– All parts are made once
– Very durable
– No maintenance is required
– Weather conditions such as wind, rain, and storm do not damage the structure
– Your pool is always available
– Different activities are also carried out inside the building


ByArt USA manufactures Pool Closure materials in Istanbul. High-quality materials are used when producing aluminum joinery, sliding doors, and polycarbonate coatings.


A peaceful environment awaits you in your garden every season with Cemyapı Pool Closure structures that provide excellent protection, use superior sealing technology, and attract more and more attention with its durability and aesthetic details. Our buildings are also used as a pleasant space where you can realize all your hobbies. You can put your jacuzzi or fitness equipment in your covered pool or spa area and experience an unlimited pleasure. As our architecturally harmonious structures integrate with the environment, they will add extra harmony and beauty to your garden. You will not need to go to hotels or swimming schools again.

Kristal Palas Pool Closure Systems

Low Telescopic Crystal Palace Pool Closure Systems; It has all the features of a typical Cemyapı structure and also includes some unique features as it is an innovative product. First of all, it has soft curved lines with a transparent 4 mm Polycarbonate coating and excellent UV protection, structurally located between full arc-shaped profiles. Meanwhile, thanks to the excellent filtering of light by the covering materials, a soft light provides a clear view of all sides of the structure.

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The operation of the structure is extremely simple. “All modules are of the same length and each of them is driven under the other and the pool is opened section by section. Each module is parked under the neighboring module. The guidance system (aluminum rails) ensures that all modules slide smoothly, do not come out of place, and are windproof. It is up to you to move the module you want alone or to open the whole section section by section, it is very easy to maneuver.


Kristal Palas Pool Closure Systems is a masterpiece among low telescopic pool closure structures with its excellent transparency and ease of use. It is a product that everyone should have with its harmony to the pool and the environment, aesthetic beauty, and high protection features.

Low Telescopic Pool Closure Systems

The low telescopic pool closure system has all the features of a typical Cemyapı product, but also has the feature of being a very innovative product with the extra features added to it. With its flat and single radius cross-section, it ensures that the coating material is placed in a continuous and one piece. The coating material used is either 8mm hollow polycarbonate or 4mm solid polycarbonate. With its soft and curved lines, aesthetic appearance, and coating material options, it allows the light to penetrate softly.

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It also has excellent mobility. It consists of modules with a width of 2m, which are interlocked with the telescopic collection model. An innovative guide system provides movement and smooth starting ability. If you push only one module, all the other modules that are guided open or close by moving in conjunction with each other. 


Easily financed low telescopic pool closure systems:
Despite the hesitant approach of people who look suspiciously at pool closure systems and spend most of their time in their gardens, because they completely cover the pool and take up a lot of space, such structures have become an indispensable need for swimming pool owners today. Flattened pool closure systems, which take pools under full protection but do not take up much space, do not become an ugly mass, and meet all needs, have come to the market. 


Such low telescopic pool closure systems have changed all world markets in recent years. The main reason for this situation is: Low pool closure systems provide almost the same as those provided by other tall and adjacent structures, but are almost half the price compared to others. You cannot walk around the edge of the pool or stand while the system is turned off. But height will not be a problem when you dive into the water.


We offer you the quality of lowered pool closure systems and larger systems. Low telescopic structures are extremely easy to use and operate. It is also extremely easy to heat the interiors of these structures and maintain the temperature. Flat pool closure systems are mainly designed for the protection of the pool and are not suitable for walking in them. However, their interior heights do not hinder their use. You can swim inside the closed structure and use it for sports purposes.


You want to fully protect your swimming pool, and prevent your children or pets from falling into the water or getting it dirty with debris such as leaves. But if you don’t want to pay a heavy price for this, or if you don’t want to cover the beauty of your garden with tall buildings, then flat pool closure systems are just for you.


Still not convinced? So let’s review the benefits of the Low Telescopic Pool Closure System.


Flattened pool closure systems;
– It is very easy to assemble,
– It is delivered in flat packages,
– It is very robust, not affected by bad weather conditions,
– Dirt, dust, and leaves do not get inside, the pool stays clean, and you do not have to worry about cleaning every year.
– It is very easy to use, they work comfortably,
– The price is much more affordable than other structures,
– It warms up easily and quickly inside, you can use it in all seasons,
– It creates a comfortable and safe swimming environment,
– You can turn the system into an outdoor pool when the weather gets hot.


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